Write Between the Lines is an exploration and articulation of the obvious and the obscure. A cavalcade of creation and commentary designed to amuse and bemuse.


. . . without which Write Between the Lines would be a Vanity Affair.

Ms. Katharine Elizabeth Monahan Huntley
Managing Editor & Publisher

Mac Huntley, just a NoHo rat.

Julio Peralta-Paulino
Poet, Fiction Writer
american cigarettes, italian coffee, german beer . . .

LB Nye cannot decide what kind of writer she is: she writes, fiction, non-fiction, wildlife stories, travel stories, military adventures and diatribes.  She also insists she is both a dog person and a cat person at the same time.

Red-tressed Coco Quinn claims she writes with her heart on her sleeve, yet, she’s usually dressed in a tube top.

John Joseph Cappa Jr.
Part-Time Editor for Historical Accuracy

Kerrin Ross Monahan completed two years at Vassar College; graduated from St. Mary’s College with a Bachelor of Arts in English. An English as a Second Language and Early Childhood educator, Kerrin has six grandsons, one granddaughter, and remains hopeful they will someday form a band called, “Maddie and the Laddies.”

Front Detail Illustration Adaptation: Shag. The Peers, (pp. 28-29) in “Tiki Drinks.” By Adam Rocke, Chicago: Surrey Books, 2000.